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Common Misconceptions about Bin Rental


Similar to how many things seem almost too good to be true, there are many misconceptions regarding using bin rentals for disposal. You might have considered hiring a bin at least once when remodeling, moving into a new home or clearing out a lot of clutter and junk.

What prevents you from carrying it out, then? Is it the preconceived notion that renting a bin will be extremely difficult and expensive? If you’re debating whether you might need one, below are some misconceptions to help you:

  • Anything can be thrown in

One of the biggest misconceptions about renting disposal bins is this one. Many individuals believe that by renting a bin, they may dispose of any type of item. This is not true completely, as much stuff can be thrown in a bin, but some materials cannot be thrown. Like, most companies do not allow the dumping of hazardous materials of any kind. Batteries, used personal hygiene products, paints, and insecticides are examples of this.

Ask the rental company if you’re unsure which of your waste is safe to throw away. They will be very transparent about the things they discard and guide you for the same.

  • You can pack your bin as much as you want

Contrary to popular perception, a bin that is too full is not good! Overfilling the bin might result in improper packing. The weight of the bin as a whole may rise as a result of this. When a bin is overfilled, handling, recycling, and transportation become significantly tougher and riskier processes.

How then can you be certain that your trash can be filled without overflowing? Unfold the empty boxes that take up needless space and dispose of the waste tightly to make room for more. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size of the bin. This will avoid running out of room and any spillage problems.

  • It’s too expensive to rent a bin

Renting a garbage container can be very affordable. For every price range, there are several options. Renting a bin is a much better decision financially as you’ll spend less on costs like van rental, labour, and other costs related to waste disposal when the task is done on your own.

  • Renting a bin is too much effort

Another widespread misunderstanding about junk dumpsters is that they are not worth the effort. People assume there may be numerous logistical considerations, variables, and decisions to be made.

It’s crucial to know that none of these myths are accurate. Waste disposal is made significantly simpler for you when you rent a bin. You will ultimately save a lot of time, effort, and money by opting to rent a disposal bin. So if you want a low-effort method of getting rid of your trash, renting a bin is the way to go.

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