Ship Waste Disposal

Ship Waste Disposal

As you know that, ships always build up a surprising amount of waste that has to be stored on board until the next stop. And in this age of environmental awareness, the way in which this waste is handled at the destination port is extremely important.

At Bin Ready, we offer variety of sewage removal, treatment of waste, recycling, collection of dry waste, removal of oily waste and burning facilities services.

Tips for Reducing Waste on Ships:

  • Wastes such as plastic, metals, glass, batteries, medical wastes, oily rags, sludge, waste oils, etc. those which cannot be disposed off at sea should be incinerated or given away to shore reception facilities.
  • Compactors should be used effectively to reduce the volumes of mainly plastics and other waste material which can be compressed.
  • Newer techniques which separate glass from mercury and metal should be allowed onboard.

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