5 Factors to Consider Before Renting a Dumpster

Before making a decision, consumers should think about some factors when it comes to waste bin rentals in Vancouver. Even though they are incredibly helpful, garbage bins might be a safety hazard. If the right measures are not followed, accidents might happen, and if you are not vigilant, you might have to deal with unanticipated […]


Which is Better: Dump Trailer vs Roll-off Bin Rental

Waste removal is an important consideration in any construction, renovation, or demolition project. Choosing the right type of waste removal equipment and service can help improve the bottom line. When it comes to construction waste, the roll-off dumpster and the dump trailer are two common ways of getting rid of unwanted materials. What is A […]

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Order a Dumpster Rental

At Bin Ready, our focus is on recycling and material recovery, not sending materials to landfills. We make every effort to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. All our bins are taken to material recovery facilities where all waste is sorted and sent to the appropriate recycling facilities. ORDER A BIN Please call 604-322-9060 or […]