Coquitlam Disposal Bin Rental

Coquitlam Disposal Bin Rentals

Bin Ready has been providing Coquitlam with disposal bin recycling solutions from many years.

We’re also unique in the fact that we have a diverse range of bin sizes that most other companies don’t.

Next time you need a waste disposal bin for your project in Coquitlam, give us a call and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

We also have a wide array of construction roll off containers that can carry the toughest loads. We provide bin rental services for yard wastes, concrete, sand and many more!

We value our customers and their time. That’s why we take great steps to ensure out drivers are always on time when delivering or picking up your waste bins from your job site or home. Our professional drivers don’t waste time on the job site and we always have the waste bin you need ready to go.

Bin Rental Services Coquitlam

Our waste bins range from 8 yards for smaller jobs like dirt & sod, concrete and rock removal all the way up to the ever popular 40 yard disposal bins which are great for construction sites, roofing projects and pretty much everything you can throw at them.

For over years, we have been servicing a wide range of customers in Coquitlam ranging from smaller home renovation projects and green waste removal up to massive tower and multi-family developments construction sites.

We are diligent in ensuring that all recyclable waste is sent to the proper licensed facilities and we consider ourselves recyclers first.

What Are Disposal Bins Are Great For:
  1. Residential Bin Rentals
  2. Ship Waste Disposal
  3. Industrial Waste Disposal
  4. Manufacturing Bin Rentals
  5. Commercial Waste Consulting
and many more……

If you are looking for great service, friendly staff and affordable Vancouver disposal bin rental rates, then Bin Ready is the right choice. For comprehensive cost estimates, consult our experts now! Call us at 604-322-9060.

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40 Yard Bin

Disposal Fees

5000 Pounds Included

Rental Fees

3 Days Included

Free Delivery

Free Pick Up

Up To 80% Recycled



20 Yard Bin

Disposal Fees

3000 Pounds Included

Rental Fees

3 Days Included

Free Delivery

Free Pick Up

We Recycle Up To 80%



30 Yard Bin

Disposal Fees

4000 Pounds Included

Rental Fees

3 Days Included

Free Delivery

Free Pick Up

Recycling Available